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Licensed physical therapist with advanced training in the treatment of pelvic floor disorders. Established in 2011, the Center for Pelvic Wellness is an independent practice that provides patient-focused care in a private, comfortable setting.


Josephine AKA Joji, has been a physical therapist for 29 years with experience in outpatient pelvic floor and orthopedic manual therapy in the last 19 years of her practice. She has been certified as a Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner by the Herman & Wallace Institute in April of 2014. She has started training and practicing pelvic floor in a community hospital of the north shore area which eventually became a part of a 4 hospital health system. She has trained with the world renowned Herman & Wallace Institute and the American Physical Therapy Association. She has worked with OB/gynecologists, gynecological pain specialists, urogynecologists, colorectal surgeons, gastroenterologists and urologists. Aside from being skilled in orthopedic issues and a certified Pilates Mat Instructor, she is skilled and certified in the treatment of pelvic floor and abdominal wall dysfunctions associated with bladder, bowel and reproductive issues.

Using specialized manual therapy skills such as visceral mobilization, connective tissue manipulation, strain counterstrain, myofascial release, positional release, joint mobilization and muscle energy techniques- she approaches the individual’s problems as a whole. Her passion is to provide the best possible treatment to her patients. She continues to train with leaders of the pelvic floor therapists to further enhance her skills and add to her bag of tricks. When not at work, Josephine loves to spend time with her husband and her girls, Jade and Jasmine, and her animals. She enjoys Zumba and Body Flow to keep up with demands of life.

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